Domain Names

Choosing a domain name is the most important step in setting up a website. Register and park a domain name to reserve it for the future, or register a name and purchase a hosting package to begin using your domain today!

At CineDomains we specialize in global top-level, Australian, USA, UK, European, and other country code domain names and offer amongst the cheapest domain name registration prices available anywhere in the world.

Domain Name Registration

We provide an easy-to-use, affordable domain name registration service which assists businesses and individuals in establishing a successful presence on the Internet.

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WhoIs Lookup

Our WhoIs lookup service allows you to find the registered owner of a particular domain name as well as other information about the domain name.

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  • Bot & script protected

Domain Transfer

Transferring from another Registrar to CineDomains simply acts as a domain renewal. By transferring your domain now at our standard rate, you'll be extending your domain registration for an additional year, and you'll immediately start to benefit from our quality service.

  • Transfer from another registrar
  • Transfer between CineDomains members
  • Absolutely FREE

Why do you need a domain name? 

You need to register a domain name if you want a permanent, personalised website URL and email address. A unique domain name offers both a professional image and a permanent address, whereas web-based email addresses (such as a Hotmail or Yahoo account) can be deemed highly unprofessional and ISP-based addresses are always subject to change.

Which domain name is right for you?

You may wish to register a .com domain name because they are cheaper to purchase than a domain name. However, an important factor to keep in mind is that a domain will give your website a sense of ‘legitimacy' within the Australian market. Anyone can buy a .com domain, but an ABN is required to register a domain. If you operate a company, and are serious about operating within Australia, it's a good idea to pay the extra for the credibility alone.

That being said, if you are looking to expand into the international market, or you would like to prevent others from using your unique domain name, it is also a good idea to register both .com AND domains (if they are available). This also reduces the problem of someone "forgetting" to add the .au when they send you an email.

Compare the pricing from a number of domain registrars - you will be appalled to see the markup on domains sold by certain websites!

Not sure which domain name is right for your business?

Our staff are more then happy to discuss your domain requirements and provide suggestions as to the best domain for your business. Contact us today for professional domain name selection advice!