Database Design

These days, websites are more than just static images and text. The majority of websites rely on fresh, dynamic content to keep their audience engaged. This content is stored in a database, which is hidden from public view, and displayed on your website by commands built into your website's code.

For instance, if you would like to display volatile information such as product pricing and stock availability, it is far more efficient to store this content in a database connected to your website. Any changes made to the product information in your database will then automatically update on the front-end of your website.

Databases are also a necessity if you would like your website content to be searchable. This means potential customers can search through your products and services and see appropriate results, just as they would in an Internet search engine.

Cineplicity specialises in producing dynamic, database driven websites and web applications. Our technical team has the experience and skill required to develop solutions in a range of environments from the popular MySQL and Microsoft Access to ColdFusion and Microsoft SQL Server. We do so using the most widely supported programming languages available such as PHP, ASP, and .NET etc.

If you require a customised, database driven web application, consult with Cineplicity to design a database which pairs the best technical functionality with your project objectives.