Visiting a website is often the first and only time a customer is exposed to your brand. It is therefore essential to balance your brand values with various creative and technical elements to ensure a positive user experience. We have developed the following process in order to achieve such an end.

Consultation and Planning

Cineplicity and the client meet for an initial consultation, after which a Project Outline draft is supplied in order to obtain the client's input and approval, before a quote is finalised for all work required. The client approves the finalised quote via email and supplies all required materials.


Design concepts of the required work are supplied for the client's approval. Any required alterations to the design may be requested via email. Additional revisions are created before the client signs off on the final concepts via email.

Technical Implementation

The website is developed in accordance with the client's design and content specifications and any requested technical functionality is installed.

Quality Assurance

The client reviews/tests all content, features and hyperlinks on the beta website and requests any required alterations to the beta website via email. Once the alterations (if any) are reviewed, the client signs off on the beta/test website via email.


The website is launched by uploading all files to the client's specified server. Both Cineplicity and the client test all features and hyperlinks of the live website before the client confirms acceptance of the live website via email. All deliverables are supplied on a backup disc.

Maintenance and Support

A one hour training session is provided for all staff (on-site or via phone) with every CinePanel installation. Any additional web development, consultation or training is available at an hourly rate.