Your Questions Answered

We receive a lot of queries with a common thread, which is understandable because creating a web presense for your project can be a confusing experience. Here are some answers which may be beneficial to your decision making process:

Why are you interested in the Screen Industry?

Over the past few years the screen industry has undergone a transformative period in terms of distribution and consumption. A major shift is occurring in the industry due to the downloading and file sharing revolution. Cineplicity aims to simplify the web transition many people involved in the screen industry are now tackling.

Do you provide services for individuals too?

Whether you have a large and well established company, or you are just starting out, Cineplicity can build websites from scratch or redesign a site to suit your needs. Our team of copy writers, designers and developers will ensure your site is professional and engaging.

I'm just small-fry - do I really need a website?

A website is as essential as business cards, stationary and other print materials in helping your business to establish a connection with existing and potential customers.

A good website will:

  • reduce your operating costs;
  • enhance your revenue;
  • increase your credibility;
  • be a non-stop sales tool available 24x7x365;
  • attract new customers;
  • promote your goods and services; and,
  • keep existing and potential clients informed about your goings on.

Cineplicity websites easily communicate your goals, testimonials, vision, or company history and generate new business by acting as an online brochure, to which you can direct customers who interested to learn more about your products and/or services.

Clients can also refer your business onto others by directing them to your website, enhancing customer relations and efficiently marketing your business for you.